"I want to be your 1 a.m. fuck and your 1 p.m. lunch date."

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"i just need to get my shit together"

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"Kissing a girl on the forehead is one of the sweetest things in the world."

"If you cum and she doesn’t…you didn’t fuck her, she fucked you."

"I can’t wait for the day I get to fucking marry you."

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"Even if we fight a lot, I still want you in my life."

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"I just want someone who won’t get annoyed when I text them six times or in all caps. Someone I can go on long drives with and can sing along to the radio with. Someone I can eat pizza with at 2am and kiss at 6pm. Someone who chooses me everyday and never thinks twice about it."

"Sometimes I just wanna fuck, and sometimes I wanna be in love, and sometimes I wanna be alone."

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